To revolutionize
the treatment of
viral infections

Just as penicillin revolutionized the treatment of bacterial
infections 100 years ago, Asterivir has the potential to do
the same for the treatment of viral infections today.


Asterivir technology can work against a wide range of viruses, even if they don’t exist today.

A decade in the making.

Long before COVID-19  emerged, a group of scientists at

Lausanne, Switzerland

started working on a broad spectrum approach for treating viruses...

Asterivir's technology passed the SARS-CoV-2 test! Effective against a virus that did not even exist when it was invented.

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Professor Francesco Stellacci, EPFL


Our antivirals employ a unique mechanism of action

By attacking infective viruses extracellularly, our patent- pending drugs work against more viruses and avoid the most common toxicity risks of existing approaches.

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Our antivirals provide significantly longer therapeutic windows than existing drugs.

They work equally well against RNA viruses and DNA viruses because we present the binding site sought by the virus attached to a hydrophobic structure that destroys viruses.

Human Antivirals

Imagine a world where broad-spectrum antivirals can treat any viral infection or outbreak

Broad-spectrum antivirals will have
far-reaching impact

Meet Our Team

Highlighted Publications

Jones, S. T., et al. "Modified cyclodextrins as broad-spectrum antivirals." Science Advances, 2020

Kocabiyic, O., et al. "Non-Toxic Virucidal Macromolecules Show High Efficiency Against Influenza Virus Ex Vivo and In Vivo" Advanced Science, 2020